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'Website Designer in North East'...Is that what you put in your browser?  Now try again with Web Design North East. You get different results! Confused? You're not alone. Web Design, Web Developers, HTML, CSS, Java, PHP, Code, CMS, SEO, SEM, E-Commerce Websites, Social Media Management....all terms you hear increasingly often these days, and subjects you might well have kept at arm's length until now. Why? Because you may have felt you had NO NEED for an independent website, relying instead on traditional 'word of mouth' recommendations or Facebook even. That approach might have served you well for decades, but times are changing, FAST.

We're living through troubled times, with uncertainties surrounding Covid-19 & Brexit causing upsets in consumer behaviour. One in four of the country's adults (Financial Conduct Authority figures) show signs of financial vulnerability, 27% severely so. Many of your potential customers are having cause to THINK TWICE before spending. Why? Because 'business' is all about confidence and 'feel good factor'. There are other changes too.

Millennials are now the biggest demographic group when it comes to employment & 'spend'  however their buying habits are VERY DIFFERENT to those of previous generations. In their minds, a website is not an unnecessary extravagance, it's an ESSENTIAL tool in today's world of commerce. You'll already know that a positive cash flow is crucial to any business; a good Web Design Team can build YOU a website and online portfolio guaranteed to bring in customers 24/7 even while you're sleeping, smoothing out peaks and troughs in demand & keeping you profitable.

In all situations however dire there are WINNERS & LOSERS. Stay in front by embracing NEW METHODS & combining them with age old strategies to WIN more business! At indemandonline we have experience spanning 4 decades finding business seemingly out of nowhere, mostly from cold.

We've used (and still use**) leaflets, door canvassers, mobile media, radio advertising, newspaper ads, direct mail, direct selling & now, online methods including Web Design North East, SEO, Search Engine Marketing & Social Media Management, B2B and B2C. A lot of our work is 'in house' however, we've worked with National names, Politicians, SME's, Self Employed traders & Entertainers across the UK. Our prime objective is to rapidly gain an understanding of YOUR business & an insight into what YOUR model customer looks like so we can go to work on a Web Design which WORKS FOR YOU.

** through our sister company Streetwise Media Solutions

September 2021: Covid restrictions are easing. Allegedly. You'd do well to remember the old saying 'many a slip between cup & lip'. While we all hope for the best over the coming winter months, it's probably more prudent to plan for something  way less spectacular than a return to anything like the 'old normal'. Continuing restrictions and levels of debt beyond human comprehension not to mention the strong likelihood  of hyper-inflation point to a difficult few years ahead,  

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So, what makes a good Website? At indemandonline we don't boast about the number of cups of coffee we've drunk, the 'stunning websites'* we can make, or the charity work we do(n't) do. Nor do we try to faze you with talk about fancy algorithms and other geeky nonsense. Our focus as business people and web developers is to produce websites that bring in leads, pure and simple. That starts with Competitive Analysis and SEO. Check out this Blog Post about modern consumerism & how we can help you tap into it and survive the storm.

Waiting for WTSHTF isn't advisable when you're in business; As we emerge from Covid the country's split economically, roughly half and half. Around 47% of households are financially unaffected or better off even; 53% are in dire straits. THESE ARE NOT OUR ASSUMPTIONS; they are statistics drawn from FCA data. Come Summer & Autumn  millions are expected to be laid off from firms who've simply run out of cash. It's already happening. Check news articles for numbers of daily redundancies. They're rising at the fastest rate on record. The GOOD NEWS is it's not too late to get your off and online footprint up to speed. Self Employed traders & SME's need every tool in the box to win Hearts Minds & Orders through these difficult times. Don't wait until sales or work inquiries slow or dry up completely. Do Something TODAY Your Future Self Might Thank You For: Call Jerry now to see how good Web Design can help your business 'get found on the net' and 'in demand' online...

*95% of 'stunning' websites are NEVER FOUND on the interweb organically! The first priority for effective web design should be to build on good foundations. Your 'competitors' may not be who you think they are. That's why competitor & keyword analysis is so important. Ignore that, and you'll find yourself wasting £££s on Google advertising further down the line 🙁 

CALL 07902-897609 ANYTIME

Check out this online marketplace!

Completed during 'lockdown'; The brief was to design produce and code a new online platform from scratch for potless.co.uk. We were given rough sketches & flowcharts and a June 30th target for completion. We completed the site 4 weeks ahead of schedule, Check it out HERE

First site for 2021!

Completed for a local driveway contractor in Darlington. Site work included competitor analysis, keyword research, content writing, photo editing, site building, testing, all completed in 21 days; came in at Page 3/4 Google within a week of going live. Update 12th March: now hitting first page Google for several different search terms with even better results in the pipeline. Stay tuned. Would YOU like a site like this? Get in touch

Latest site!

Completed  for local builder Wayne Hudson. Brief included in depth competitor analysis, keyword research, logo design, content writing, photo sourcing, editing & manipulation, testing, all completed in 27 days, three days ahead of scheduled delivery date. Wayne's recent comment via Telegram 'Really pleased with the work you've done Jerry, it's above and beyond my initial expectations'  but hey, a website going LIVE isn't 'job done!' It's a new beginning. We'll be working with Wayne over the coming months & years to ensure his online footprint is forever progressing onward & upward; attracting more & more potential customers across Yorkshire. Stay tuned. Get in touch if YOU'D like a site like Wayne's!

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Web Design North East: 'Here's Why We May Be The Right People For You'

So what should you be looking for when choosing to go down the Digital Marketing road for the first time? A fair price? What is a fair price? Never is it more true than in the world of Web Design that if you buy CHEAP you'll buy TWICE. Web work is time consuming, and not just the hours spent on actual site construction. There's a ton of other stuff too from initially establishing and agreeing upon a sites 'reason d'etre', competitor analysis, domain name selection, hosting, content, image sourcing and manipulation, integrating payment gateways and social media accounts, analytics, the list goes on.  A good Web Design team will take care of ALL of those things, and more. We can still MOVE QUICKLY though! The trick is to take SMALL STEPS. The single most important thing though is to GET STARTED. You'd be surprised how fast things progress once you've committed to taking that FIRST STEP towards online success. We're the kinda company that doesn't need to be asked TWICE to get things moving, so jump on the phone or ping us an email if you have one! Even in this day and age not everybody does...we GET THAT, it's not silly! We're used to dealing with and have patience for, people new to the online world. Rest assured, we're revved up and ready to assist YOU with your digital journey. Still not convinced? Here are 10 more benefits of using indemandonline for Web Design North East, Read on...

A brand new website isn't the end, it's a BEGINNING;
Maintaining a strong and consistent online presence requires significant ongoing effort.
It's not something you can just 'fit in' haphazardly. We can work WITH YOU* over time to steadily increase marketing activity & online exposure to drive SALES.  Be a leader in your niche not a follower.
GO THE EXTRA MILE (it's never crowded), and start a conversation...

Just CALL 07902-897609 or pop in to 74 Victoria Road DL1 5JG for an initial consultation with Jerry our friendly & knowledgeable Web Designer & MD.  Please phone first so we can allocate time & let you in. There's free parking at rear; Entry is first LEFT off Feethams South just before the Cricket Club

OFFER, sorry you missed it

🙂 Look out for NEW OFFER coming soon 🙂 

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In these most precarious & uncertain times a credible online portfolio isn't merely desirable, it's pretty much essential for anyone seeking to SURVIVE IN BUSINESS. But some of you still AREN'T CONVINCED. You are mistrustful of our industry! And with good reason. Way too many 'web agencies' make 'beautiful websites' with 'stunning pages' that are either NEVER FOUND ONLINE or bring NO TANGIBLE BENEFITS WHATSOEVER to their hard working owners. Before commissioning a new site it is wise to engage in a comprehensive consultation followed by in depth competitor analysis, but sadly this is often neglected to 'SAVE COSTS'. Too many agencies marketing websites are only interested in 'piling them high & selling them cheap' to make a FAST BUCK. What happens to the site 3-4 months down the line is of little interest to them, UNLESS OF COURSE THEY CAN PERSUADE YOU TO PAY MORE to 'get traffic'. In the bad old days these tactics were known as 'Bait & Switch'. You're tempted in by a cheap offer, you pay's your money and you take's your chance. When it doesn't work, they switch you to a higher price product...which in most cases is the product you should have bought in the first place, but DIDN'T due to the perceived cost!!! Sharp Practice in other words. It's the Wild West out there, similar to the Double Glazing Industry back in the 70s & 80s. A meaningful consultation with a knowledgeable Web Designer followed by solid competitor analysis is considered Best Practice. The initial meeting need only take 30-45 minutes, but the analysis report in pdf format could easily take 8-12 hours work. £2-300 is not unreasonable for data of this kind. However, between NOW & 28th February 2021 we at indemandonline are offering a 'lite' version of the same for just £70.  Rest assured, it'll still give you valuable insight into how your proposed website should look & what key information it should contain. But you'll need to be quick, our time is very limited. Sorry, you're too late to claim this genuine and valuable offer, nevertheless you can call Jerry anytime on 07902-897609. Talk soon!

Features and Benefits

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We want YOU! A 45 minute consultation is FREE!  Sorry but the Competitor Analysis WINTER OFFER is over, stay tuned for NEW OFFERS coming soon

We have a reputation for UNDER PROMISING & OVER DELIVERING but we don't expect you to believe that. After all, words come cheap; So why not PUT US TO THE TEST? Call us on 07902- 897609 & lets get started.

We firmly believe in BRITISH JOBS for BRITISH WORKERS; that's why we keep everything 'in house' & NEVER sub work abroad to places like India or Eastern Europe.

Remember: Every cloud has a SILVER LINING. By combining age old methods with NEW ONLINE technology, you'll weather the storm and come out the other side a WINNER, not a LOSER.

Web Design & SEO To Suit Most Budgets

Whether you're a One Man Band or a Multi-National Conglomerate, a website is a website at the end of the day! It's astonishing how many sites these days fail to deliver, many creating an unfavorable impression from the start by not working properly or by not having been accurately proof read, resulting in grammatical errors & spelling mitsakes [sic, see what we mean?] Remember the old adage 'You never get a second chance to create a first impression'? First impressions COUNT, and you definitely DON'T want visitors turned off by issues prompting them to move on; you DO want them to stay and ENGAGE with you, and yes 'BUY', a dirty word to some but we call it 'DOING BUSINESS' aka: ↙

ka-ching graphic signifying reward from good web design

Achieving online success is easier said than done, requiring a stepped approach, which takes time. Don't be fooled into thinking a cheap and cheerful online presence is going to cut it....ten years ago you might have got away with it but NOT NOW. Having said that, a simple but well constructed BUDGET site (from £299) beats a shoddy complex one every time. At indemandonline all pricing is bespoke. We don't believe in a 'one size fits all' approach, and neither should you. We've also introduced Easy Web Design Payment Terms to help spread the load during the current COVID-19 crisis & oncoming Second Great Depression. This means low deposit and balances you can pay monthly once your site goes live. Check out these 3 levels of service to get a 'feel' for what we can do for YOU. Don't be afraid to inquire 🙂

We're Here To Help

We've never been ones to follow the fold at indemandonline, so expect things to be a wee bit different. In a good way. We're a blend of old school experience and GEN-Z savvy. Business is all about sales; without sales there IS NO BUSINESS, and sales come from leads, so you need to think of a website first and foremost as a lead generation machine working 24/7. In the past we had YELLOW PAGES calling the tune; now we're up against GOOGLE. search engine results page (SERP) is the page displayed by a web search engine (like Google, Facebook, Bing) in response to a query by a searcher.

The main component of the SERP is the listing of results that are returned by the search engine in response to a keyword query, so WE NEED TO KNOW all about your model customer, what he looks like and what he thinks about when he's looking for your product.

People think this stuff came with the web, but that's not true....a good Company Sales Director with a team of reps and canvassers did much the same thing 'back in the day'. So when you contact us about a new website or upgrading an existing one, be prepared to make an apppointment for one of our team to meet face to face so we can learn about your target audience and company goals; that's a great FIRST STEP. Initial consultations are around 45 minutes and we make no charge for them. You'll find us lively and enthusiastic, with a no-nonsense CAN-DO attitude. The modern (Millennial) way is to 'big everything up' and make the most trivial tasks seem complicated...and yep, you guessed it, time consuming and EXPENSIVE. You definitely won't find that at indemandonline.

"We develop WEBSITES that WORK, at an affordable price, and WITHOUT the BULL"

We look forward to helping you with YOUR journey into the World of Digital, Talk soon guys! 07902-897609's the number you need, GET IN TOUCH! 🙂

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indemandonline use SEMRUSH
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