Image of Ocean of Uncertainty with definitions of meaning for Web Designers & Businesses

Us older folk or ‘GAMMON’ as we’re often referred to somewhat disparagingly by our younger peers, have seen it all before. 2008. Black Wednesday (1992). Poll tax riots 1990. Miners Strike 1984/85. Winter of Discontent 1978/79. Oil crisis 1973. Fifty odd years of crises brought about by political decisions far beyond the control of any businessman or woman big or small. Yet this group are expected to thrive, to continue to generate business come what May [sic 🙁 ] and contribute to Government coffers by way of taxes and wealth creation. Once again, we’re caught up in a crisis. Once again consumer confidence is ebbing. Once again businesses up & down the country are feeling the pain. Some more than others. Let me share with you some recent experiences & observations….

We’re half way through a move to new offices in Darlington DL1. By that I mean we’re already working there but 50% of the building is upside down while renovation works take place. We’re restoring some of its Victorian features while simultaneously improving it…to create an attractive collaborative workspace fit for the modern digital era. We’re introducing some exciting things to Darlington DL1 including a classy meeting suite with Zoom Room & a 66″ ViewSonic interactive ViewBoard. More news on that coming soon. One of the most interesting things about all this work has been the procurement process. Back in January when I started to look for tradespeople and improvement companies everyone was BUSY-BUSY. Several contractors asked to bid couldn’t be bothered to turn up, others submitted crazy prices for work they ‘didn’t really want’, and more chose not to submit bids at all once they’d seen the job. I began to wonder if I’d EVER be able to find suitable people. It’s a common scenario I’m sure you’re familiar with. Eventually though, I managed to find several tradespeople who, to date, have worked very well, and DELIVERED. They’re all fascinated by my work as a web developer and internet trader. It’s a TWO WAY STREET, because I’m fascinated by their PERCEPTIONS of web designers. And I have to say, sadly, that most of it is NOT GOOD NEWS.

Our industry has got a bad rap and it’s not surprising. The North East has numerous Web Design Agencies boasting scores of staff, thousands of ‘beautiful websites’, even more thousands of ‘cups of coffee drunk’, & things they do for charity. But it turns out many of these companies are producing websites by the truckload….that bring in a big fat ZERO in terms of business or benefits for their hard-working customers. It’s a complex story I know and one mustn’t generalise. There are good and bad in all spheres of life.

All too often though I’m reliably informed about sites that have been made with little or NO prior consultation, NO competitor analysis, NO advice on long term hosting and who owns what, NO SEO, NO fixed price agreements or time schedules, the list goes on. As a company specialising in providing websites for people who don’t already have one, I have my work cut out. These people are distrustful of our trade. The really fascinating thing is that most of them tell me all kinds of ways they’d like their business to be, but are unconvinced that a credible web presence is all they need to achieve it! In such uncertain times, these hard working souls are feeling the pinch as consumers rein back spending & new orders are harder to come by. They’re resigned to a declining lifestyle, accepting too many sub-prime jobs they feel obliged to take in order to maintain income.

It doesn’t have to be this way! They tell me they want to work LOCAL. Formerly they used Thomsons or Yellow Pages for this. Now they are frightened off by Yell’s aggressive hustling of expensive but very basic websites. They tell me they’d prefer to do only certain kinds of work, with only certain kinds of people. (meaning they like to do what they’re good at, what they find easy, and for people with money). All these things can be SO EASILY addressed with a good website & effective social media marketing designed to harvest leads, rather than something built to look pretty without solid foundation based upon research. Go one step further and combine all that with traditional methods like leafletting & street advertising and you’ll WIN in the BUSINESS WAR.

There are other kinds of websites I’ve noticed too in our local area. They are sites made by well known web agencies that look appalling with fuzzy images, and heaps of grammatical errors. Some of those sites though ARE PULLING IN TRAFFIC it has to be said but remember, you never get a second chance to create a first impression, so its possible they ‘could do better’ from more attention to detail. So folks, don’t be frightened off. Look for a company that will work with you; a carefully co-ordinated, intelligent and business-minded approach is what’s needed. We’re not all villains. It’s a bit like the Double Glazing Industry back in the 70s and early 80’s….Wild West stuff. At indemandonline our heart and soul is in improving the lot of our clients, and we wouldn’t rest until that had been achieved, Call our managment old fashioned, but that’s just us I’m afraid. A bit like Gammon.

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