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Today (17th November 2018) its been announced that Johnston Press, already heavily in debt & unable to pay their bills, are entering administration this weekend and handing over control to their lenders. So what? Well, if you’re a small trader who currently relies on local press advertising to get the word out about your business then you’ve got EVERY REASON to worry. Johnston Press own scores of regional and local newspapers, so if you’re currently advertising in one of those rags, you may be wise to look for a viable alternative. Like a website. Yep, we know many of you rely on good old word of mouth backed up by

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permanent ads in your local free paper, but the writing is on the wall. There’s talk of Johnston Press being thrown a lifeline and they’ll open up as a new business (walking away from staff pensions and other liabilities in the process) however, wouldn’t it be wise to not ‘wait and see’ and get working now on an alternative means of advertising….getting your business out there & keeping it under the nose of potential customers? Many small trades are already feeling the pinch with reduced levels of inquiries due to Brexit chaos and uncertainty, causing consumers to rein in spending. A good website can be built in a matter of days, and tweaked over weeks and months to produce a steady flow of leads… if you’re the kinda trades-person whos thought up until now that YOU DON’T NEED A WEBSITE, then perhaps its time to THINK AGAIN! We’re on YOUR SIDE….whats more we’re putting our money where our mouth is with A THIRD OFF (33.3%) all new website instructions from current JOHNSTON PRESS ADVERTISERS, get in touch by emailing to find out more or call 078-1010-6247. Limited period offer. HURRY!