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What is your Budget? The other side of the coin.

If some-one doesn't know their budget, that isn't to say they're shallow, stupid or not worth bothering with; it just means they're quite probably experts at something else, Read more.
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Boris Day

Love him or Hate him we've got a new PM in the shape of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. What does it mean for us in Darlington & Bishop Auckland?
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A NEW YEAR beckons….

#backtowork? Or still at home enjoying the Christmas break with family and friends? Personally it's a time of year I dread...a two to three week period where so many businesses
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Today (17th November 2018) its been announced that Johnston Press, already heavily in debt & unable to pay their bills, are entering administration this weekend and handing over control to
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Word Of Mouth

Explore the power of Word of Mouth, Read more... I speak to tradesman and SME’s on a daily basis about how busy (or not) they may be. The conversation usually goes like